Pinky and the Brain



“Pinky and the Brain”, one of my favorite cartoons to watch growing up. Two laboratory¬†mice, thinking of a master plan everyday to take over the world.

There’s something about the dynamic duo, that I’ve come to realize, their “POISE”.

Viewing the picture and thinking back to watched episodes, Brain’s “Poise” remained the same. While “Pinky” was all over the place. This duo reminds me of myself and a great friend of mine.

Poise meaning states, Composure and DIGNITY of manner. Looked up Dignity. It’s meaning states, A¬†way of appearing or behaving that suggests seriousness and self-control.

A while back had a conversation with my friend. Mentioned I was on a mission, He said “You go ahead and take over the world”.

My friend reminds me of “Brain”. During our group meetings, his disposition remains the same. He’s Poised and Dignified. I truly admire these qualities in my friend. Especially since I’m normally like Pinky all over the place.Talking with everybody in the room(LOL).

I’ve said in my head a few times, how in the world can he just stay still like that. Real talk, for me staying still really would drive me up the wall(LOL).

What I’ve realized in my friend this form of disposition can be learned and adopted. My friend is a great listener, master of strategic planning and takes action. My friend has assisted me with resolutions to tough situations on many occasions. My friend is “Cooler than a Fan”. So, in all reality my friend isn’t just sitting still.

Here’s my point:

It benefits my personal growth when affiliated with people who practice positive characteristics. I appreciate my friend accepting me as is. Also, appreciate the positivity my friend possess.

Taking over the world is doable, which leads to having a great day on purpose!