Ask the right questions Part 2

On my October 26, 2016 entry,  I shared a story entitled Ask the right questions. Which was along the lines of questions I should have asked myself before moving forward in the relationship at that time.

Within Ask the right questions Part 2″, I’d like to share a few questions I’ve asked myself, for myself, to form a BETTER relationship and understanding of myself. I’ll start with this question, What would I Love to do? The answer to this question is, I would Love to talk.

I read an interesting quote by Abraham Lincoln it reads, Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe”.

This quote resonates with the question I asked myself. It seems Abraham Lincoln may have asked himself too. What would I Love to do?

Maybe he said, “I would love to chop this tree down in the allotted six hours given”. These simple six words opened the door for the next question. What should I do First? In his case the sharpening of the axe.

To give a little background about Abraham Lincoln. Before he became President of the United States, he was recognized as a skilled woodcutter. Also he has been known to practice his secret to  success. Using  the sharpest tools to get any job or task done. The end results, were productive.

When asking oneself, What would I love to do? To reach an answer,  pick up, sharpen and use your most important tool. The Mind.

Referring back to the four hours Abraham Lincoln used to sharpen the axe, my first thought was this sounds tiresome. However, this was the most important part of his task, Preparation.

How do you prepare, Start by asking yourself the Right questions. I believe we are gifted with our own personalized gifts. Have you ever realized there may be a few things that come natural to you, without thinking of a way to make whatever it is happen?

For me, I’ve realized my strongest gift(we all have more than one)“,Gift of Communication”.  This can explain my answer to the question, What would I Love to do? Naturally, I can approach anyone respectfully and engage in a conversation. Especially when the other person’s inviting and receptive.

Once I truly embraced my Free Gift( I am all for Free99)Haha, I had some work to do. This work involves more questions, preparation and action.

Here’s a few questions I asked myself:

What are you going to do with this Gift of Communication?

Are you setting time daily to work towards Mastering your gift?

Are you focused?

Is there anything you are “Allowing” to hold you back?(Fear, Anxiety, Procrastination)

Are you being Productive or Constrictive?

Here’s my point:

Ask the right questions!

In my next entry I will discuss the Preparation steps I’ve used and continue to use for the questions I asked myself…

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Have a little patience…

In the Bible, at least 10 remarkable women are spoken of for different reasons.I’ve come to understand their lives journey’s were used to display life lessons. There’s one that stuck out to me the most. Her name was Elizabeth, Mother of John the Baptist.

From reading, both Elizabeth and her husband Zechariah come from a priestly family. They were righteous people. During this timeframe the couple were up in age and unable to have children. (Luke 1: 5-7)

One day when Zechariah’s priest division was on duty while he was serving as priest, he was chosen to enter into the temple of the Lord and burn incense. This is where He was visited by an angel.(Luke 1:8-11).

The angel scared him have to death, but he listened to this angel. The angel stated his wife would have a son. He was given instructions to name him John.( Luke 1:12-13).

So, Zechariah’s scratching his head like, umm ok Mr. Angel in case you haven’t noticed, I am well past the age of getting my groove on and so is my wife( he didn’t use these exact words but I think you all get the point) haha. (Luke 1:18)

Unfortunately, he didn’t believe what the angel spoke of. By the way this angel was Gabriel.(Luke 1:19) Before he left the temple, since he did not believe Gabriel, Zechariah’s speech was taken away.(Luke 1:20)

After leaving the temple, Zechariah went home to his wife Elizabeth, she conceived. She thought it would be best to stay away from the world until the proof could be seen pertaining to her pregnancy(Luke 1:24).Her husband didn’t believe, but she kept her faith in the Lord. He showed favor.(Luke 1:25)

During that time it was  believed to be seen as a disgrace, a woman not being able to have children. But she felt that way no more.

To speed it up a little, Elizabeth gave birth to her son.(Luke 1:57) Zechariah still couldn’t speak, however when he wrote down John, the name  Gabriel instructed them to call their son, immediately he was able to speak again.(Luke 1:63-64)

Here’s my point:

It doesn’t matter how old or young you are. It’s normal not to believe in something that looks and seems impossible to achieve. However when serving a God who is the master of doing the impossible, there’s nothing impossible. I am a witness and firm believer, just like Elizabeth and Zechariah, when you wait on the Lord it brings unexpected blessings. So have a little patience.

Neighbors, can’t live with them or without them

In my post,”Going along with the flow”, I talked about being with a man with hidden agendas. Referring back to the disagreement, he made a big performance that allowed neighbors to see and hear.

At that time I live in an apartment complex. Had two neighbors below and two above me. One of the neighbors below me, was a “Church going woman”. She quoted scripture and spoke very highly of the church she was a member of. How she goes with her church to help feed the hungry etc.

This lady seemed neighborly. On that of the disagreement, the front door was wide open. Was so frustrated behind having a senseless argument, so I found something to do. Walked to the dumpster to take out the trash.

Returning back from the dumpster, I saw the “Church going woman” coming up the steps leading to the parking lot(She didn’t see me though). This lady looked up the steps leading to my apartment and said, “Oh look, her door open let’s stand here and see what happens” and laughing while talking with her friend.

As I’m walking and looking, she’s standing there (arms folded), looking, waiting to hear and see all of the madness. The only things she was missing were a bag of popcorn and recliner.Then, she noticed me. Her whole face expression changed. She became quite as a “Church mouse”.

At that point, my frustration had surpassed the maximum. As I’m walking towards her, all I could think was, Dang this lady finds this as a source of entertainment. How I know she did, I walked right by this lady, and not once did she ask me if I was okay, or do I need her to call the police or anything.Or say I will help you kick his you know what. No form of empathy at all. This lady had a “Deceiving character”.

From her face expression and body language it showed me, she was worried that I would fight her. To be honest, I wanted to show her how Philly women rumble, and that’s Real talk.

But, I just walked by and gave her a look of disappointment.

I have a couple of points here. Let me start with this one.

Proverbs 21:13

Whoever closes his ear to the cry of the poor will himself call out and not be answered.

I’ve come to understand in this life, we will all need a helping hand during any chapter(s) of our lives for many different reasons. To downright ignore or have no form of empathy knowing there may be some way you could assist, is Not pleasing to God. Nor is having a double spirit. Cause you can’t be of the flesh and of the spirit at the same time. Using God to your own advantage(Flesh) to deceive people won’t get you to far. Because there will be a time you may cry out for whatever reason(s) and you will be ignored.(I’m just saying).

Every time I saw that lady after that, I wanted to knock her head off. We as woman can be our worse enemies at times. But you know what helped me get past the emotion and that action.

Mark 12:31

The second commandment is this, “Love your neighbor as yourself”. There is no commandment greater than these.” NIV

I didn’t hate that lady, hated her reaction to my situation, but people only do what they know. I still spoke to that lady, just keep my distance. Yes, I was in a verbally abusive relationship, this lady was a witness to that. Because she decided to use it as a source of entertainment, me going toe to toe with her, or even trash talking her would have been useless, a waste of time and energy.Instead, releasing my frustration, and being neighborly was the best solution. I knew it was because, this lady felt bad each time she saw me afterwards and tried her best to be my best friend.