Ask the right questions Part 2

On my October 26, 2016 entry,  I shared a story entitled Ask the right questions. Which was along the lines of questions I should have asked myself before moving forward in the relationship at that time.

Within Ask the right questions Part 2″, I’d like to share a few questions I’ve asked myself, for myself, to form a BETTER relationship and understanding of myself. I’ll start with this question, What would I Love to do? The answer to this question is, I would Love to talk.

I read an interesting quote by Abraham Lincoln it reads, Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe”.

This quote resonates with the question I asked myself. It seems Abraham Lincoln may have asked himself too. What would I Love to do?

Maybe he said, “I would love to chop this tree down in the allotted six hours given”. These simple six words opened the door for the next question. What should I do First? In his case the sharpening of the axe.

To give a little background about Abraham Lincoln. Before he became President of the United States, he was recognized as a skilled woodcutter. Also he has been known to practice his secret to  success. Using  the sharpest tools to get any job or task done. The end results, were productive.

When asking oneself, What would I love to do? To reach an answer,  pick up, sharpen and use your most important tool. The Mind.

Referring back to the four hours Abraham Lincoln used to sharpen the axe, my first thought was this sounds tiresome. However, this was the most important part of his task, Preparation.

How do you prepare, Start by asking yourself the Right questions. I believe we are gifted with our own personalized gifts. Have you ever realized there may be a few things that come natural to you, without thinking of a way to make whatever it is happen?

For me, I’ve realized my strongest gift(we all have more than one)“,Gift of Communication”.  This can explain my answer to the question, What would I Love to do? Naturally, I can approach anyone respectfully and engage in a conversation. Especially when the other person’s inviting and receptive.

Once I truly embraced my Free Gift( I am all for Free99)Haha, I had some work to do. This work involves more questions, preparation and action.

Here’s a few questions I asked myself:

What are you going to do with this Gift of Communication?

Are you setting time daily to work towards Mastering your gift?

Are you focused?

Is there anything you are “Allowing” to hold you back?(Fear, Anxiety, Procrastination)

Are you being Productive or Constrictive?

Here’s my point:

Ask the right questions!

In my next entry I will discuss the Preparation steps I’ve used and continue to use for the questions I asked myself…

Comments are appreciated!





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