Thank you

I am a Circle Leader within an organization called Circles. The purpose of this organization is to help families in poverty “THRIVE” not just “SURVIVE”.

The Metro Atlanta East Chapter first class completed training December 8, 2015.We still met every other week.

During one of our meetings, there was an exercise entitled, “Gratitude Journal”.

It had 4 parts:

  • Morning Gratitude Prayer
  • What I’m Learning from my challenges
  • People I’m thankful for
  • The best part of my day

My job came to mind to help me complete this exercise.When I started a year ago, was grateful for the position, but at the same time it was challenging. With all the extra work, low pay, difficult people, micromanagement, was feeling I had to get out of there ASAP.

As time went on I began to learn the challenges were placed to help me understand the bigger picture. I am fully aware of my Gift of Communication.Being placed at the Hartsfield Atlanta Airport working as a Janitor, the opportunity of this gift blossoms each day to its intentional need and purpose.

There has been many of times, I was just running my mouth a mile a minute(LOL) joking around etc. People have come to me and said, Thank you for your joyful spirit because it’s needed.Or I needed to hear that. The best one yet, I can tell you know the Lord.

 I’m learning God wants me to be equipped with the strength and tools He needs me to have in order to enter into the next phase of my mission.So, I need to practice endurance and  have patience.

I’m thankful for my blood family and extended family within Circles . My family has helped me hang in there, and realize  not to quit my job behind the emotions I was feeling in the beginning. Had I quit, I’m sure the message for me would not have been received.

There’s a quote that makes a lot of sense to me.“I knew who I was this morning, I’ve changed a few times since then – Lewis Carroll”.

The best part of my day is after work. I sit outside the airport, and reflect back on the events of that day. No matter how big or small, something changed. Whether it was an emotion, a thought etc. With the change discovered, I try to apply it and share.That was a pretty good classroom exercise.

Here’s my point:

Change is good and needed. There’s work to be done on each persons part affiliated with Circles. We are ready and teachable. Open to other ideas in order to reach what we’re reaching for.

Would like to say THANK YOU, Mr. Scott Miller, founder of Circles. 


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