Have a little patience…

In the Bible, at least 10 remarkable women are spoken of for different reasons.I’ve come to understand their lives journey’s were used to display life lessons. There’s one that stuck out to me the most. Her name was Elizabeth, Mother of John the Baptist.

From reading, both Elizabeth and her husband Zechariah come from a priestly family. They were righteous people. During this timeframe the couple were up in age and unable to have children. (Luke 1: 5-7)

One day when Zechariah’s priest division was on duty while he was serving as priest, he was chosen to enter into the temple of the Lord and burn incense. This is where He was visited by an angel.(Luke 1:8-11).

The angel scared him have to death, but he listened to this angel. The angel stated his wife would have a son. He was given instructions to name him John.( Luke 1:12-13).

So, Zechariah’s scratching his head like, umm ok Mr. Angel in case you haven’t noticed, I am well past the age of getting my groove on and so is my wife( he didn’t use these exact words but I think you all get the point) haha. (Luke 1:18)

Unfortunately, he didn’t believe what the angel spoke of. By the way this angel was Gabriel.(Luke 1:19) Before he left the temple, since he did not believe Gabriel, Zechariah’s speech was taken away.(Luke 1:20)

After leaving the temple, Zechariah went home to his wife Elizabeth, she conceived. She thought it would be best to stay away from the world until the proof could be seen pertaining to her pregnancy(Luke 1:24).Her husband didn’t believe, but she kept her faith in the Lord. He showed favor.(Luke 1:25)

During that time it was  believed to be seen as a disgrace, a woman not being able to have children. But she felt that way no more.

To speed it up a little, Elizabeth gave birth to her son.(Luke 1:57) Zechariah still couldn’t speak, however when he wrote down John, the name  Gabriel instructed them to call their son, immediately he was able to speak again.(Luke 1:63-64)

Here’s my point:

It doesn’t matter how old or young you are. It’s normal not to believe in something that looks and seems impossible to achieve. However when serving a God who is the master of doing the impossible, there’s nothing impossible. I am a witness and firm believer, just like Elizabeth and Zechariah, when you wait on the Lord it brings unexpected blessings. So have a little patience.


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