Standing on your own two feet

There was a time in my life where I felt alone. Was walking in my own”wilderness” for years. Didn’t have the confidence I once had.

But while in my “wilderness” is where God met me. I’ve come to realize it’s good to be alone. Being stripped of everything I knew, meaning people places and things, helped me to focus on where all my helps comes from.

Was able to realize during my journey, yes there were family and friends who helped me  along the way. For that, I will be forever grateful, but I was becoming too DEPEND on them at times. That was very unfair on my part.

Leaning on people, who had their own situations, ups and downs.Dealing with their own lives. Lost sight of my own gifts that were given to me “FREELY”.

Don’t get me wrong we all need a good support system, but reaching inside oneself, getting a better understanding of oneself is essential to ones personal growth.


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