Time to think

My dad was a watch collector. During my adolescent years he’d ask me to assist him with getting them to work. I would have the box, watch, the wrapping it came in, and the instructions.

There I was, in my zone working on this assignment until the watch and it’s features were up and running. I would then, place it back the way received.

Back then I didn’t get why I was CHOSEN, but I do now!

My dad knew I had what it took to get the watches to work. He explained to me what he needed done. Gave me the materials that needed working on. Then it was up to me to tackle the assignment at hand.

My  dad introduced me to strong attributes within myself. He helped me understand I am a thinker, and determined . I have a practical and an analytical mindset. I function better with structure and following  set rules, and I pay attention to detail. I can utilize everything given to me and I am a helper.

All of this from making watches operable.

Matthew 22:14 says,

“For many are called, but few are chosen”

God chooses His children that have special assignments because of what He has already placed in us. He will supply all we need to fulfill whatever the assignment is. It’s up to us to accept and watch how it will all work.



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